Fall 2016

BIOMATH 170A Computer-Based Introductory Biomathematics for Medical and Biological Experimenters
BIOMATH 200 Research Frontiers in Biomathematics
BIOMATH 201 Deterministic Models in Biology
BIOMATH 210 Optimization Methods in Biology
BIOMATH M234 Applied Bayesian Inference
BIOMATH M260A Methodology in Clinical Research 1
BIOMATH M260C Methodology in Clinical Research 3
BIOMATH M261 Responsible Conduct of Research Involving Humans
BIOMATH M281 Survival Analysis
BIOMATH 299 Special Topics in Clinical Research

Winter 2017 tentative listing

BIOMATH M203 Stochastic Models in Biology
BIOMATH M207A Theoretical Genetic Modeling
BIOMATH M211 Mathematical and Statistical Phylogenetics
BIOMATH 259 Controversies in Clinical Trials
BIOMATH M262 Communications in Science
BIOMATH 265A Data Analysis Strategies I
BIOMATH 266A Applied Regression Analysis in Medical Sciences
BIOMATH 299 Special Topics in Clinical Research

Spring 2017 tentative listing

BIOMATH 110 Elements of Biomathematics (enrollment limited to 30).
BIOMATH 204 Biomedical Data Analysis
BIOMATH 213 Modeling Vascular Networks
BIOMATH 299 Special Topics in Clinical Research

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