Van M. Savage

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    Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

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    vsavage [at]

  • Degree

    PhD (Physics), Washington (St. Louis), 2001

  • Expertise

    Physiological models of vascular systems, sleep, tumor growth; allometric scaling; ecological interactions and biodiversity.


  • J.P. O’Dwyer, J.K. Lake, A. Ostling, V. Savage, and J.L. Green, (2009) An Integrative Framework for Stochastic, Size-Structured Community Assembly, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, in press.
  • V. M. Savage*, E. J. Deeds*, and W. Fontana, (2008) Sizing up allometric scaling theory, Public Library of Science: Computational Biology, 4(9), e1000171.
  • V. M. Savage, C. T. Webb, and J. Norberg, (2007) A trait-based framework for studying the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning, Journal of Theoretical Biology 247, 213-229.